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This cover of TIME’s May 2017 issue depicts Saint Basil’s Cathedral (The church in the Red Square in Moscow) slowly overtaking the White House. The red colour design contrasts strongly with the white and looks ominously like blood seeping across the walls.

The iconic representation of Russia overtaking the White House is, of course, a nod towards the ongoing scandal of the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government.

This work of Malika Favre, a French artist based in London, was designed for Penguin’s new edition of the Kama Sutra in 2012.  Her style is bold and minimal, and is described as a ‘striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space’.

Although this particular cover wasn’t selected as the final one, another of Favre’s designs was. Take a look at the selected design here.


The March 2015 issue of Capital magazine, a publication from Newzealand, depicts a bikini on a piece of toast. The design goes with their story of ‘guilt-free fat’ and dieting, as bread is a commonly avoided food when on a diet. The barcode fits in as part of the design, keeping the overall effect minimal.

Most of Capital magazine’s covers are as well designed as this one. You can check them all out online at the above link.


The front cover of the January 2017 issue of The Economist was designed for an article called “How voice technology is transforming computing.” Whilst, the phrasing of ‘Now we’re talking’ is clever, the really cool part of the design is how the hand holding the phone is a mirror image of the person’s face.

We are laughing at the ‘Theresa Maybe: Britain’s Indecisive PM’ story, too.

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